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The Pierce Results System  

What is the Pierce Results System?

The Piece Results System was founded and developed By Dr. Walter V. Pierce over his 30+ year career. Among the plethora of chiropractic techniques that exist today, this technique stands out from many others in that it uses the most modern advances in imaging technology to find the true source of your problems. These technological advances include static radiographs, videofluoroscopy and infrared thermal scanning. They objectively allow the chiropractor to locate spinal misalignments with the greatest specificity possible.

Because of these objective measures and specificity, the chiropractor is able to achieve the best correction results in fewest number of visits, making it one of the most cost-effective techniques in the history of chiropractic.  Once misalignments in the spine are found, hand or instrument adjustments are used in order to correct them. For more details on each instrument and what each is meant to do, click below.


    A still image of your spine allows us to measure its angles and determine if there is any abnormality in structure. It also lets us see if there is pathology that we should be aware about, such as a bone fracture.


    To see is to know. A video of your spine moving in real time is the key in accurately determining which spinal bones are misaligned or restricted in motion. It is these misaligned vertebrae that cause your spine to lose its normal curvature, as seen in static radiographs. Click below to see what a fluoroscopy looks like.


    Thermography uses infrared technology to non-invasively assess the function of nervous system. It tells us how your body responds to each adjustment and verifies if it has been performed correctly. It helps us keep track your overall progress.


    We use specialized tables with cushions that drop away. This reduces the amount of energy needed to make changes in your neck and pelvis, and increases results.

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